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FMT reset

I wish to reinforce a number of points that we as a school community must action for the benefit of all stakeholders. Post-covid we as a school will be pushing numerous ‘reset’ buttons to realign many aspects of school life. We in FMT always hold and instil high expectations across the school. From Monday 21st March 2022 the following is an overview of standards that all pupils must adhere to…

Covid Mitigations

  • The same entry points, toilets and form rooms will remain for the entirety of the school year

  • Face coverings are no longer required within classroom but are encouraged in corridors and communal areas e.g. toilets


  • A consistent entry routine is essential for all classes. Standards are set before entry.

  • Three strategies are always to be used and verbally stated (S1, S2, S3), accompanied by a SIMS entry relating to such and their impact. No impact = BTD. If a referral is necessary it will be…HOD, FT, YH and SLT in that order unless it is of a serious nature and requires escalation.


  • Loitering is unacceptable by any pupil and will be strongly discouraged. Staff prepare lessons and effective starts are only possible when pupils arrive promptly.

  • Uniform: All pupils will now attend school in full uniform with no items permitted of any kind under their blazers except a grey/black v-neck jumper. Any pupil wearing anything other than this will be requested to remove such and the item held by this person until 3.15pm that day. Failure to remove the item results in an internal withdrawal until compliance is forthcoming. Defiance to hand over the item is defiance and results in a BTD.

PE/Games/Enrichment/After-School Sport

  • Irrespective of timetable i.e. having PE/Games/Enrichment/After-school sport, uniform is to be worn to school and a kit bag brought with the additional items required.

  • Classes needing to change will do so in the respective changing rooms in Block E.

  • Pupils attending after-school sport will also change in the respective changing rooms before training.

  • If any individual or team out of school for the day competing/visiting, will wear uniform unless instructed otherwise by the teacher in charge.

Break time

  • Years 8-10 pupils remain in their form room until 11.05am.

  • From 11.05-11.15am pupils must remain outside in their respective play area or in the form room.

  • If wet weather prevents anyone from being permitted outside, all pupils will remain in their form room with the staff allocated present

  • Any deviation from the above will result in an automatic BTD.

Lunch time

  • Only Year 8 pupils are permitted to exit the canteen back through the school corridors. They must then be outside in the tennis courts and only return to school individually to use the toilets when staff permission is granted.

  • Year 9 and 10 pupils must exit the canteen through their respective doors. If they need to use the toilet they will do so via the exit doors at their corridors, entering with permission on an individual basis. Entry to school at 1.35pm is again via these doors.

  • If wet weather prevents anyone from being permitted outside, Year 8 will remain indoors in either their form rooms or assembly (depending upon availability), while Year 9 and 10 pupils will remain in the canteen area.

  • Any deviation from the above will result in an automatic BTD.

  • Year 13 and 14 are now permitted to access Fivemiletown and its eatery facilities during their lunch period, with no cars ever to leave the school grounds at any times. Punctuality to next class is essential with lateness recorded on SIMS and a BTD to follow. Abuse of this privilege returning will be removed for any pupil who deviates away from what is outlined.

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation. As a school we have been superbly committed to all actions against covid 19 and are to be commended. We now look forward to more positivity returning within daily school life, starting on Monday of next week.

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend.


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