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Paris Trip 28 September – 1 October 2022

A group of 32 pupils (Year 11-12) and four staff had a very early start, meeting at school at 1am for the coach to Dublin, and then a flight to Paris Beauvais to see the sun rise. There was a quick stop to drop off bags at their hotel in Paris, but no time to rest, they had a full day ahead!

It was an amazing first day for our group in Paris. They wandered the quaint streets, experienced the Metro, snapped La Tour Eiffel and enjoyed the landmark sights from a river cruise on the Seine. To end the day they all enjoyed pizza together and a visit to Montparnasse Tower, travelling up 56 floors in 38 seconds to view the whole city and see La Tour Eiffel sparkle! There were some super photo opportunities before heading back on the Metro to our hotel.

Thursday gave our students a morning of culture. The morning walk took in a stop at Galerie Lafayette, no spending, just a look in awe at the glass dome! Their trip to Le Louvre gave the pupils the opportunity to see La Jaconde (The Mona Lisa) and Venus de Milo, amongst many other wonders of the Art world. Baguettes and crepes were well deserved...and a wee sit-down in Le Jardin de Tuileries.

After lunch they headed for La Tour Eiffel, and you can see by the faces the reaction to the ‘welcome’ sign that met them. Not to miss the view, they went to the nearby Trocadero and the sun came out at just the right time! The Champs-Elysees and L’Arc de Triomphe were the next to be explored, with an energy boost from McDonalds complete with Parisian macarons. The tomb of the unknown soldier under L’Arc de Triomphe added a historical insight to the day. They were able to walk back to their base, stopping for the necessary snacks!

Friday saw our students exchange culture for Disney! They started their day by going together and facing the thrills and spills on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. They had a fantastic day at Disney, and it did not disappoint. From Hyperspace Mountain to The Tower of Terror, the amazing Disney Parade and the shopping too, there was something for everyone! All were awestruck by the Disney D-Light show, for the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris, and the incredible fireworks that ended their very special day!

Saturday was the last morning for our group to explore the city streets and sights. They walked to Montmartre and saw the Sacre Coeur, admiring the views of the city...and the final opportunity to spend some money! They all enjoyed a typical French ’gouter’ (snack) of crepes, waffles and Croque Monsieur! A wonderful end to their time in Paris! They returned home late on Saturday evening.

Special thanks to the pupils who embraced every opportunity and walked for miles, apparently 36 in total. Mrs Bainbridge had organised the trip so well, and as a school we acknowledge her endless energy and enthusiasm that allowed our pupils to experience this amazing trip.

Paris may be over for them, but the many memories will last a lifetime.


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