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End of Year Awards

We had a special Awards Assembly this morning to acknowledge pupils with excellent attendance and those who had reached our Bronze, Silver and Gold merit mark targets for their positive behaviour. It was great to see so many get recognition for +99% attendance, no mean feat! The recipients are going home with special keyrings. Future employers will be keen to know these pupils! Mr Liggett then announced the final batch of pupils to get their behavioural awards. Our pupils like the certificates, but they love the cash rewards! We had many who achieved Bronze, some who achieved Silver and one who achieved a Gold award! Mrs Allen then announced the winning house. As the scores from different events were revealed we knew it was going to be close. Heads started in the lead after house Netball and Football scores, School house then took the lead as Sports Day points were added. When all the merit marks were included, it was Brooke who triumphed for the second year in a row, with a 46 point lead and 5042 points altogether. Courtney and Luke in Yr10 collected the trophy and we all shared in their joy, albeit reluctantly from School and Heads. Well done to everyone for embracing our house ethos and for living out our values of commitment, excellence and respect.


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