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Dear Parent/Guardian

We have been informed by the Education Authority that the non-teaching will be striking next Thursday 16th November. This may impact on the following areas:

School Transport - some buses may not be running, as yet, we have not been informed of such. It would be worthwhile for parents to have a plan B in place.

School Meals - we will still be providing hot food at both break and lunch time.

Learning Support Assistants - may not be available on this date but all teaching staff will be present.

We foresee that school will be open as normal and we hope to welcome all pupils on Thursday 16th November.

It is unlikely that we will be informed if certain school buses are not running, therefore, as stated above, it is important that parents have a contingency plan in place.

Thank you for your co-operation and we hope this information will be of some assistance.

J Allen


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