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 Motor Vehicle & Road User Studies 

Motor Vehicle & Road User Studies Department


Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies prepares students to become responsible road users. It develops their interest in and appreciation of the motor vehicle. Students will develop knowledge of the Highway Code. They will learn about driving at night and under adverse conditions, as well as the causes and prevention of road traffic collisions. They will carry out a practical riding activity on a moped and investigate a real-life traffic situation.



Examination Board – CCEA

The importance of road safety is clearly recognized by the listing of the subject within the Education Reform Order (1989) and continued within the 1996 order. This subject gives our pupils a lot of life skills that they will carry through life.


The course is broken down into three parts:


An External Examination (Unit 1) 50% of the overall GCSE 

Topics Covered include:

The Highway Code

Drugs/Alcohol and the road user

Legal Requirements such as appropriate documentation and the different types of insurance available

Motoring Mathematics including the buying and selling of vehicles

Post-Accident Procedure

Motor Vehicle Technology


Coursework Unit (Unit 2) 25% of the overall GCSE 

Pupils will complete a survey in the town and analyse the date collected. This is usually on some aspect of road safety.


Practical Riding Activity (Unit 3) 25% of the overall GCSE  

A CCEA examiner will observe the pupils complete a practical riding activity on one of our school mopeds. This will take place on the school grounds.

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