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 Health & Social Care 

Key Stage 5 Health & Social Care


Health and Social Care is offered to Sixth Form students, it is a very popular choice of subject for students who have studied Food and Nutrition or Child Development at GCSE Level, however neither of these are a prerequisite. Within the Department we pride ourselves in a very high standard of teaching and learning, helping students to achieve their very best.

Health and Social Care is the study of health and well-being. Students learn about the key stages of physical and emotional development and begin to understand the profound influence relationships and life events can have on an individual’s health. Students also examine the factors that influence a person’s self-concept and how people react to change in their lives.

During Year 13, students undertake a placement in a Health, Social Care or Early Years setting, this is an essential part of the course and one which the students find, not only incredibly enjoyable, but also helpful in increasing their knowledge and understanding of the subject content.

Many students with qualifications in Health and Social Care go on to have interesting and successful careers in childcare, nursing, midwifery, social work, teaching, paramedics, counselling and health-visiting.

Students develop skills that are valued in further and higher education, as well as in the workplace. These skills include research, investigation, analysis, communication, problem solving and working with others.

Areas of Study:

Single Award Health & Social Care

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Double Award Health & Social Care

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