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 Student Council 


Our Student council members were elected democratically in June 2014 with representatives from all form classes in year 8-11 elected to the council. New council members have since joined the council from year 13 + 14 and year 8 will get their chance to join in January. The council has been set up to give the students in our school a voice, to encourage them to take an interest in what is going on around them in the school and to help make a difference so that school can become a more enjoyable place for everybody. At the inaugural meeting the council members came up with some very interesting ideas to help improve school life, including a healthy fruit tuck shop, lunchtime activities and charity fundraising. These will be ongoing but the Council members decided to run a non-uniform day in June to raise money for NI Cancer Fund for Children. The group organised a very successful day and raised £235. The group also had a very enjoyable team building day to Todds Leap in June. Good fun was had by all.  All students should take an interest in our student council. They are there for you. They are your voice in this school. There will be suggestions boxes in the front foyer and the canteen for you to suggest what you want addressed in the school by the Council members. Talk to your form representative they are your link to the council! Make this school into the school YOU want it to be!