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 Art & Design 

Art & Design Department


Fivemiletown College Art and Design Department aims to encourage a passion for Art and Design, starting at Key Stage 3, with the intention of building a strong foundation for our pupils, who may decide to study Art and Design at GCSE and Advanced Level.


Art and Design is unique in its inherent requirement to develop key transferable skills such as: creativity, personal motivation; project management and organisational skills; and innovation, higher level thinking skills and problem-solving.


Key Stage 3

At key stage 3 pupils enjoy a broad range of media and explore a variety of projects throughout the year.  This can include;

  • Drawing and painting

  • Printmaking

  • Textiles

  • Experimental materials

  • Ceramics

  • Sculpture / modelling

  • Information & Communication Technology

AS and A Level courses in Art and Design


Fivemiletown College offers AS and A Level courses in Art and Design, to students who have a keen interest, in the World of Art and who enjoy developing their practical skills, to the highest standard possible. The Art Department is located on the upper floor of Block B and has two large, bright classrooms, a well-equipped Ceramics room and a dedicated Sixth Form Art Studio. The Department has its own ICT suite and also has access to other multi-media facilities in the school.


We currently offer the Post 16 student, specialist guidance in the pathways including Fine Art, Photography, Textiles, Mixed-Media, Print including dry-point and intaglio, and 3-dimensional design. 


Art and Design AS and A2 Level courses are suitable for students with a range of aims: -

You may simply enjoy the subject and feel that you can achieve a good result which, when combined with other subjects, will gain you the qualifications necessary for entry to other Higher Education courses.


You may wish to gain entry to a University course in Art and Design and to enter the specialised world of the professional artist or designer.


You may wish to take on an A Level Art and Design Course because it is required or recommended when applying for a Further Education Course such as Architecture or Arts Administration.

Areas of Study

AS 1: Experimental Portfolio; Students have the opportunity to develop explore and record ideas through a variety of experimental media.

AS 2: Personal outcome; students have the opportunity to produce a creative final outcome / outcomes.

A2 1: Personal and critical investigation; students have the opportunity to produce both a written (1000-2000 word) investigation and a practical response.

A2 2: Thematic outcome; students have the opportunity to produce a creative final outcome. 


Students have an opportunity to demonstrate not just their skills and creativity, but also their appreciation and awareness of the World of Art and the work of artists, designers and craft workers.



Assessment at the end of each year is by exhibition, marked by the teacher and moderated by CCEA. 

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