Thursday 30th May marked the 2019 Sports Day at Fivemiletown. Despite difficult weather conditions, all present had a memorable day. First up was the track and field events, with reigning Champions School House out to make it four wins on the bounce. Heads and Brooke had other ideas and were up for the challenge. When the overall scores were totalled up, Brooke were worthy winners; final Standings – 1st Brooke: 406. 2nd School: 360 and 3rd Heads: 341.

Fivemiletown College wish to extend their thanks to all pupils and staff, and Mr Venton Dunwoody for the medals and all parents for their continuing support.

The individual awards for Sports Day 2019 are as follows;

Year 8 Girls – 1st Ellie Farrell, 2nd Abigail Bateman-Smith, 3rd Sarah Armstrong

Year 8 Boys – 1st Ethan McFarland, 2nd Ben Ellison, 3rd Joseph Goodwin

Year 9 Girls – 1st Rebecca Copeland, 2nd Joint Delenne Little and Amy McClung

Year 9 Boys –1st Harry Browne, 2nd Ieuan Plant, 3rd Logan Gowdy

Year 10 Girls – 1st Joint Robyn Little and Amy Nelson, 3rd Sophie Moore

Year 10 Boys – 1st Ryan Elliott, 2nd Alex Little, Joint 3rd Ewan Suttle and Aleksis Baranovskis 

Year 11 Girls – 1st Rhianna Thompson, 2nd Kylah Plant, 3rd Alison Lapsley

Year 11 Boys – 1st Joint Dylan Bogue and, Matthew Boyd, 3rd Ben Hamilton

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